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March 18, 2022 2 min read

Without x-ray cassettes, radiologists would have a difficult time taking x-rays. X-ray cassettes both protect the screen film and allow for crisp, clear images to be produced. However, x-ray cassettes need to be protected from damage and patient contamination.

What are X-Ray Cassettes?

X-ray cassettes act as the barrier between the film and a patient during an x-ray procedure. Film cannot be exposed to light, so it is housed within an x-ray cassette. During an x-ray, a patient is positioned on top of the x-ray cassette. Soft tissue does not absorb x-rays in the body. Rather, the x-rays will pass through soft tissue and create a black image on the film where it has been exposed. Bone absorbs x-rays, so they will not allow light to pass through to the x-ray cassette. This allows for a clear picture of a patient’s bones. Without the x-ray cassette, the film would also be exposed to dirt and other contaminants.


Why Use Rad Bag® X-Ray Covers?

Rad Bag X-Ray Cassette Covers

X-ray cassette covers are a simple solution for extending the life span of your cassettes. During an x-ray procedure, the cassette may encounter various bodily fluids from a patient. Departments, such as the ICU or post-op, may encounter blood, urine, or other bodily fluids during an x-ray procedure. Although an x-ray cassette may be sanitized between uses, it is impossible to get it completely clear of infectious pathogens.

The safest way to protect your patients and your cassettes is to use a Rad Bag®. Radman Radiological x-ray covers are disposable and come in a variety of sizes to fit different x-ray machine models. If one of the stock sizes does not fit your x-ray cassette model, Radman Radiological can custom make any size. Without using an x-ray cassette cover, cassettes may become ruined beyond repair. Foreign material on an x-ray cassette will prevent a crisp, clear image from being produced, and x-ray cassettes are costly to replace. The Rad Bag® is a low-cost product that can get your facility the most out of its x-ray cassettes.

Situating patients in the right position over an x-ray cassette may lead to a repetitive strain injury in the back. To protect radiologists from back injuries, Radman Radiological x-ray covers also come with excess material. This extra material can be used as a handle for removing the cassette from beneath a patient. The smooth surface of the Rad Bag® also allows a radiologist to easily slide the x-ray cassette cover under a patient. Patients will need minimal movement to be oriented properly, aiding in patient comfort.

X-ray cassette covers are an easy, low-cost method for protecting x-ray cassettes. Not only can a Radman Radiological x-ray cover protect the x-ray cassette, but it will also bring peace of mind to your patients regarding cleanliness. With over 35 million units sold and trusted in over 1500 hospitals, there is no better alternative to an x-ray cassette cover than a Rad Bag®.

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